Artist Talk with Fiona Curran

As part of the Design Clonmel project (an LIT Digital Campus project as part of the 4H-CREAT European initiative), Fiona Curran, the Art Team Manager at StoryToys/Touchpress, will talk about the Irish company which is one of the world’s leading creators of innovative and entertaining children’s apps.

StoryToys invented the ‘digital pop up book,’ an idea that has enthralled audiences around the globe ever since.

Producing many award winning apps – including brand new creations, like Animal Band and Pirate Princess, as well as apps based on classic fairy tales, like Rapunzel and Puss in Boots, they partnered with Eric Carle Studios and the Joester Loria Group, to bring the world’s favorite caterpillar to life in the stunning interactive app, My Very Hungry Caterpillar.

To date more than 5 million users have cared for their digital pet, feeding their caterpillar and watching it grow into a beautiful butterfly.

This entertaining talk will be well suited for anyone interested in the newly emerging mediums of digital storytelling and how they can retell and lend new texture to classic, beloved tales.

LocationSouth Tipperary Arts Centre